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Overbin Conveyor

USC overbin convevyor
USC overbin convevyor

The innovative design of USC’s overbin conveyor focuses on safety and convenience. The center-dump feature is designed to fill the bins directly into the center, unlike other overbin designs, and maintenance is simplified with easy access to both sides of the conveyor via USC’s 360-catwalk design.

  • 24” wide smooth belt.
  • 3,500 bu./hr. capacity.
  • 10HP drive motors operate conveyor sections.
  • Catered to each bin/bulk site, any-sized.
  • Touchscreen panel controls overbin system, including automated bin gate selection.
  • Fill bins with seed leg or bin fill.
  • Pneumatic-operated diverters controls gate positions.
  • Catwalk provides safe and easy access to both sides of conveyor.