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Weigh Hoppers

Image of USC scale/weight hopper inside facility
Batch Seed Weighing

USC offers weigh hoppers for legal for trade weighing seed. With over 20 configurable options, USC's weigh hoppers are engineered to fit any layout or equipment configuration. Paired with U-Treat or U-Treat Lite operators can conveniently call in seed by pounds or SCU. 

  • Configurable holding capacity for any operation
    • 80-unit up to 360-unit capacity
  • Configurable leg heights
    • 36.5" up to 142.5" discharge height
  • Seed Ladder add-ons available


  • Automation is run via U-Treat V4 or U-Treat Lite
  • Conveniently call in seed by pounds or SCU
  • Pairs with LPV, LPX, or LPX Lite treaters for one panel, one touch controls
  • Mange bin information: seed variety, seed size, lot number, and bin inventory
  • Upgrade your system as you grow
  • Loss in Weight Metering capable
    • Also can be paired with a seed wheel or weigh belt (WB only controled via V4 U-treat)