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Bin Site Automation U-Treat

V4 Control
One Touch, One Screen Integrated Controls

The automated bin site controls package is controlled by the same automated main control panel as the LPV treater and the LPX automated treater. The customer can customize their automated bin site controls package for their exact needs while also planning for future expansion.

  • Includes sale indicator and ethernet ticket printer.
  • Customer name printed on the scale ticket for each run.
  • Provides legal for trade scale ticket.
  • Tri-Flo® weights measured in 0.5lb or 0.2KG increments
  • Conveniently call in seed by pounds or SCU.
  • Rolodex for Seed/Bin/Multiple Outlet Paths/ and Customer
  • Manage bin information: seed variety, seed size, lot number, and bin inventory.
  • Email automatically or by selection.
  • Upgrade your system as you grow.
  • Control up to:
    • 20 Bin Gates
    • 16 conveyors
    • Pre-Treater Diverter
    • Post Treater Divert
    • 2 reversing/ Dual drive underbins with encoders
    • C2D2 available
    • Three Weigh options
      • Batch Weigh Hopper
      • Batch Weigh Hopper w/ continuos batch mode
      • Tri-Flo®