USC's Field Loader Conveyor: Designed with Seed in Mind

USC’S Feature-Packed Field Loader Conveyor Preferred for Gentle Handling of Seed and Fertilizer

Once again, USC has developed and blessed the industry with an intuitive product that speaks directly to their customers. The Field Loader (FL) Conveyor Series is the latest addition to the company’s expansive product line, and marks USC’s official entrance to the field and fertilizer application and handling category. To say it has been well-received by those in the field would be an understatement:

“This conveyor exceeded my customer’s expectations. It’s feature-packed with mobility and maneuverability improvements, the product quality and craftsmanship are better, and ability to use as a multi-purpose conveyor – in the field or at the bin for fertilizer or grain – is key. There are a few competitors to this conveyor, but none of them come close to the overall quality of USC’s FL Conveyor.” – Bill Burdick, Bill Burdick Sales

There is plenty to brag about:

  • MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Use for fertilizer and grain alike; in the field and at the bins.
  • MOBILITY & MANEUVERABILITY: Optional gas over hydraulic power pack and/or hydraulic self-moving capabilities provide an easy and efficient solution to moving the conveyor to and from the semi.
  • MATERIAL & CRAFTSMANSHIP: Choose stainless steel or mild (carbon) steel material. The quality and craftsmanship of this conveyor is far superior to the competition.
  • HIGH CAPACITY & SAFE HANDLING: Move seed/grain and fertilizer quicker and safer compared to augers, but also competing belt conveyors.

USC sat down with Mr. Bill Burdick of Bill Burdick Sales in Wetmore, Kansas to discuss his personal experience with the FL Conveyor. Mr. Burdick brings more than a decade of conveyor sales, hand’s-on and professional experience – he’s tried them all, and his insight and perspective is appreciated.

Mr. Burdick’s customer was looking for a multi-purpose conveyor to safely and quickly move fertilizer and grain alike, both in the field and at his bin site. Stainless steel material is another option USC offers in this series, providing the perfect solution for his hopes of using in a dual role. His main concern was the lack of mobility generally associated with this type of conveyor, and he was hoping to find a more efficient way to move the conveyor back and forth between the semi and bin, for example. Mr. Burdick explained that USC’s FL Conveyor was “feature packed” – more than any other conveyor in the industry – and would check all the boxes, from there the decision became an easy one. The combination of USC’s hydraulic drive power pack, optional stainless steel material and tube-style design capable of moving his desired capacity quickly and gently truly made this the perfect conveyor for his operation as it met all his criteria.

Mr. Burdick pointed out that while belt conveyors are not new to the industry, they are fairly new – within the last three years – to the end-farmer/user in this capacity, “Traditionally speaking, they’re used to and are familiar with augers. That’s a bad word in my profession. Comparatively, augers damage grain while belt conveyors are much more gentle on grain and fertilizer.” He went on to explain the long-term benefits of a conveyor, “Quality, mobility and multi-purpose functionality are all important for field use – this conveyor provides all of this and more. Is it more expensive than an auger? Yes! But, this isn’t an auger. It’s not even comparable. Once you explain the difference and the long-term value of this conveyor, the decision is easy.”

USC prides themselves on bringing one innovative product after another to the market – tackling the challenges of everyday end-users. This is another example of USC providing an array of configurable solutions for the wide range of customers it serves.